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4th October 2022

Death of Norman Edward's wife, Anne Crew.

It is with deep regret and much sadness that we report the death of Norman Edward's wife, Anne Crew.


Anne passed away suddenly on the 14th of September 2022.

Funeral arrangements can be found at -


On behalf of all his colleagues and friends at MCUA, we send our deepest sympathy and condolences to Norman and his family at this sad time.

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Dave Laybourne

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3rd May 2022

Application of new laws - clarification.

We have received reports that some members are incorrectly applying the upcoming changes to the laws in current L&DCC games.

For clarification and the avoidance of doubt, the proposed law changes that have been outlined in the recent edition of the ACO Magazine do NOT come into effect until October of this year and therefore must not be applied in L&DCC games until the 2023 season.

This is particularly relevant to the proposed changes to the laws covering which batsman will face the next ball after a catch is taken and also the application of saliva to the ball.

Please remember that in L&DCC games if a batsman is out caught then the non striker should face the next ball if the batters have crossed (and it's not the end of the over) and players are still permitted to apply saliva to the ball.

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Dave Laybourne


2nd March 2022

Death of Chris Bell.

It is with Deep regret that we report the death of MCUA Life President and former Chairman, Chris Bell.


We have no further information to pass on at this time but will update the membership as and when funeral arrangements are known.

MCUA offers its condolences to Chris's family at this sad time.

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Dave Laybourne

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7th March 2022

Six Colleagues retain their place on the National Panel

MCUA is please to announce that Six colleagues have retained their place on the ECB National Umpires panel.

The Six members are -

Steve Beswick
Paddy Brown
Alistair Davies
Chris Dunn
John Farrell
Ian Laurence


All Six will be appointed to County 2nd XI and National Counties fixtures throughout the 2022 season and we wish them all the best of luck for the year ahead.

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Dave Laybourne


10th January 2021

News of Dave Jones

Dave Jones

MCUA founder and former President, Dave Jones, is recovering at home following another heart attack on Christmas morning.


Dave spent 15 days in Whiston hospital before being allowed back home.


We wish Dave a full and speedy recovery.

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Hughie Evans


9th September 2020

Death of Brian Ball

It is with deep sadness that we report the death of our former colleague Brian Ball.


MCUA offers its condolences to Stephen and all Brian's family at this sad time.

Further details will be posted on the website as they become available.

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Hughie Evans

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21st July 2022

National Counties vs First Class Counties Showcase Fixture Appointments.

MCUA are pleased to announce that four of our colleagues have been appointed to prestigious National Counties (formally Minor Counties) showcase fixtures over the next few weeks.

We wish Paddy, Chris, John and Ian well for these fixtures.

Fixtures and appointments are -

  • Paddy Brown - Northumberland vs Yorkshire at South Numberland CC

  • Chris Dunn - Staffordshire vs Leicestershire at  Knypersley CC

  • John Farrell - Shropshire vs Derbyshire at Shifnal CC

  • Ian Laurence - Herefordshire v Worcestershire at Eastnor CC

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Dave Laybourne

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23rd March 2022

Death of John Pearson - Update.

The funeral arrangements for John Pearson are as follows -


The service will be held on Friday 25th March 2022, 12:30pm at St. Columbas Church & Presbytery, Primrose Drive, Liverpool, L36 8DL.

Followed at 1.30pm by the committal at St. Helens Crematorium, Rainford Road, Windle, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA10 6DF.

MCUA offers its deep condolences to John's family at this sad time.

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Dave Laybourne

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19th January 2022

Funeral Arrangements for Ray Partington.

Ray's daughter, Christina Bowden has updated details of the Arrangements:

"Friends and Colleagues of Ray are invited to celebrate the life of Ray Partington"

The Funeral will be on Tuesday 25 January 2pm at Southport Crematorium, 159 Southport Road, PR8 5JQ

And afterwards from 3pm a Funeral Reception will be held at Fleetwood Hesketh Sports and Social Club, Fylde Road, Southport. PR8 9XH

" All are welcome to share stories and memories of Ray". 

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Dave Laybourne


10th February 2021

Match day guidance for 2021

A few points of clarification and guidance for the forthcoming season.


Team sheets - if you can, umpires should not handle the team sheets. Clubs have been encouraged to send them to you electronically in advance of the game. Realistically this may not happen so you will still get them on the day. Restrict handling and it is recommended that you copy the names and any age restrictions onto your own team sheet. If you do handle the team sheet then sanitise your hands afterwards.


Match Result Form (MRF) - these are being used this season and will be completed after the match by the home team. Like team sheets you should not handle the form. Complete your over rate calculations on a separate sheet and ask the home team to enter the details onto the form for you. Sign the form if you can but its not essential. Again, if you handle the MRF then sanitise your hands afterwards


Covid Non-Compliance - the ECB ACO guidance for umpires and scorers includes a reference to penalty runs being awarded by umpires for a breach of Covid guidance. Penalty runs should not be awarded in LDCC matches. It is unreasonable to apply penalty runs for a non cricket related infringement. Do however ask teams to comply with the guidance and if necessary issue a formal warning. If there is no improvement then complete a disciplinary report. Umpires are not expected to formally police Covid compliance but you will see things so take the necessary action.


Match Timings - matches will start at 12.00 noon all season. Clubs can request a change to 1.00pm but they must request the change by the Thursday in the previous week. Matches are extended by 15 minutes to allow for sanitisation so are now of 6 hours 30 minutes duration plus any additional time it takes to bowl the overs in the last hour.
For matches starting at 12.00 noon the timings are as follows: - 

    Start time: 12.00 noon

    Interval: 30 minutes duration taken between innings but no later than 3 hours 30 minutes after the start (3.30pm)

    Last hour starts: 6.00pm


If the change of innings does not take place in the interval, then the 10 minutes between innings will be added onto the playing time so the last hour will start at 6.10pm


Over Rates - the required over rate has been reduced from 17 overs per hour to 16 overs per hour for the 2021 season. When doing your calculations make a standard 15 minute allowance per innings for hand and ball sanitisation.

Match Balls -  umpires are instructed not to handle the match balls either the new ball or the spares. After sanitisation ask the fielding team to put the ball on the floor close to the stumps. Umpires should not ask the scorers to keep the spare balls. Its the Captains responsibility to manage the match balls.

Sanitisation - last season I carried my own small bottle of hand get and a packet of disinfectant wipes. Helped when I wanted to sanitise and to have available for others if necessary.

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Hughie Evans

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13th November 2020

Death of Ron Hayes

Ron Hayes

It has been reported that former MCUA umpire, Ron Hayes, has recently passed away.


Ron joined MCUA from the Manchester Association when Leigh CC joined the Liverpool Competition. He was a strong supporter of all cricket at Leigh and held many positions within the Club.


After retiring from umpiring, Ron followed Leigh 1st X1 both home and away.


He will be sadly missed

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Hughie Evans


17th June 2021

Death of Dave Wood's wife, Eileen.

It is with deep regret and much sadness that we report the death of Dave Wood's wife, Eileen.


Eileen sadly passed away in Preston Hospital and details of her funeral arrangements will be confirmed as they become available.


On behalf of all his colleagues and friends at MCUA, we send our deepest sympathy and condolences to Dave and his family at this sad time.

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Peter Crook


9th June 2022

Thank you from the L&DCC Chairman.

Following an L&DCC meeting between John Williams, Chris Weston and Rob Durand, John Williams wrote to MCUA regarding Sunday's Digman matches -

We all agreed to compliment all the umpires involved in officiating all the Digman games. As you know the weather was not good, variable in different parts of the league area, but matches were played where they could be, results obtained and a couple have been set for another day.


Job done well Thank You.


John W.

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Dave Laybourne

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2nd March 2022

Death of John Pearson.

MCUA has just learnt of the sudden passing of John Pearson.

Peter Mercer from Rainhill cc has sent the following -

With deep regret, I am advising you that John Pearson has passed away suddenly. 


It is hard to put into words John’s popularity and the massive impact he has made to the Club and its members.


He was indeed a driving force with the development of the juniors in our club and we will have many sad juniors and parents.


John was our Treasurer, Coach, All Stars Activator, Umpire, Junior Team Manager and always willing to volunteer to be involved in anything happening.


I know one of his proudest moments was at the October 21 Presentation event when he was honoured with the Clubman of the Year award.


John will greatly missed and our sincere condolences to all his family at this very sad time.



Peter Mercer

MCUA offers its deep condolences to John's family at this sad time and will update members as to funeral arrangements as and when we learn of them.

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Dave Laybourne

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4th January 2022

Death of Ray Partington.

This is a message from Ray's daughter Christina -

"Dad passed away last night peacefully and with family.


He wanted me to tell his friends on here when the time came.

He spent his life making people smile and those memories are carrying me through today.

I will post details of funeral arrangements when they are made".


MCUA offers its condolences to Christina and all of Ray's family at this sad time.

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Dave Laybourne


10th February 2021

Further two Stage 2 Umpire Courses for 2021

Lancashire ACO are running a further two Stage 2 Umpire courses in March which are open to all colleagues who have successfully passed their Stage one course.


Booking details are:

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David Laybourne


23rd October 2020

News about Ray Rigby

Update on Ray Rigby.

Over the past few weeks Ray has suffered a decline in his health. He has recently been diagnosed with Lewey Body Dementia and after a short stay in hospital has been moved to a nursing home.

His condition means that it is not possible for Ray to receive visitors but if circumstances change then members will be informed.

Our best wishes go to Ray, Carol, Julie and all his family at this difficult time.

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Hughie Evans


26th October 2021

Ray Partington unwell.

Chris Coxhead has been to see former member Ray Partington and reports that Ray is presently not very well.

He is currently resting at home.


MCUA wish Ray all the best for the future.

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Hughie Evans